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Students: Please be sure to have your textbooks available during the online tutorial--our tutors may not have a copy of your text, and it will not always be possible for your tutor to look up homework problems or formulas on your behalf. 

Write @ the Desk is now available on Zoom! Write @ the Desk combines writing support from tutors and research support from librarians. You can access Write @ the Desk via Zoom here

In the above link, click on the appropriate time to open a Zoom meeting. When a tutor or librarian is available, they will admit you to the meeting space and give you further directions. 

Write @ the Desk is Available

 Tuesday 11 AM - 1 PM: Tracy           |    Tuesday 2 PM - 5 PM: Susan 

Wednesday 11 AM - 1 PM: Mainhia    |    Wednesday 2 PM - 5 PM: Xander  

   Thursday 11 AM - 1 PM: Peter        |     Thursday 2 PM - 5 PM: Mainhia

CAE Service Update: the Center for Academic Excellence is now providing tutoring in all subject areas online only. 

Please note our schedules have been consolidated to subject areas only. All tutors are now working remotely, and locations are no longer relevant to booking.

Before booking a tutorial, please read our booking guides for writing or math, depending on your need. If you have questions about booking or accessing online services, email  

All of us - both tutors and students -  are adjusting to new online tutoring systems. Please anticipate spending some time setting up technology and troubleshooting issues as part of your tutorial. We appreciate your patience as we work together online. 

Please note the number of tutorials permitted varies by subject:

  • Writing - 1 tutorial per day / 4 per week 
  • Math/Sci - 2 tutorials per day / 6 per week 
  • ICS/MIS - 1 tutorial per day / 3 per week 
  • ACCT/FIN/ECON - 1 tutorial per day / 3 per week 

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