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Metropolitan State University Center for Academic Excellence

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The Center for Academic Excellence does not provide tutorials for MIS MIS 310, MIS 328, or C# programming language at this time. Please see your instructor for assistance. 

Tutoring appointments are 50 minutes long (example: 10:00am to 10:50am, or 2:30pm to 3:20pm). Tutors are expected to complete session notes during the last 10 minutes of the hour (example: 10:50am to 10:59am or 3:20pm to 3:29pm).

Please do not ask your tutor to extend the tutorial beyond 50 minutes. Thank you for your understanding. 

All tutorials are 50 minutes* long. The final 10 minutes are reserved for recordkeeping.  If you require accommodations, please contact the Center for Accessibility Resources at (651) 793-1549.

 *Tutorials starting at 3:00pm end at 3:45pm.

 Microsoft Excel tutoring: Select the “Excel” category from the “Limit to” dropdown menu above.



Welcome to the Center for Academic Excellence Tutorial Scheduling System

If you do not yet have an account, you can register here or by following the link on the left. Registration is available only for currently-enrolled Metropolitan State University students.

Read our CAE guide to online scheduling for tutorials. All of our tutoring services are confidential. The CAE cannot provide documentation or proof of tutorial visits.

If you need to schedule a Testing Center appointment, please visit Metro State's RegisterBlast page.

Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Guideline for Tutoring for Tests, Examinations, and Quizzes:

Tutors will not consult with students on tests, take-home examinations, preliminary examinations, or quizzes unless the instructor conveys in writing — on the examination, quiz, syllabus, or in an email to — that students are permitted to use CAE tutoring services for such tests, examinations, and quizzes.